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Sunday Homily - July 11, 2021 - Joy in God

King David at Prayer I. If you have ever been to a youth church camp during the summer,  or, better yet, if you have been a youth leader during those camps,   you are guaranteed to have an emotional rollercoaster of experiences Kids who are taken out of their normal context,  away from parents and parent figures,   put into a different context with a bunch of other kids their age,    and then released to do all kinds of activities together     brings a fair share of emotional highs and lows. Some miss their parents for a bit,  until lifted up by the fun of running with new friends.   Others are so glad to finally get away from their houses,    only to become homesick for their family, their home, and perhaps their own bed.  If you go to Camp Mitchell, our Episcopal Church Camp on Petit Jean Mountain,  kids will play silly outdoor team games together,    learning how to work with each other,    and, in quite literal ways,     carry each other across the obstacle courses.  But, despite t