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Sunday Homily - February 7, 2021 - Evangelism is Teamwork

St. Peter and St. Paul Icon I. For the majority of my life thus far,  I've been very fortunate to play sports   with some very good teams. As a middle schooler,  I started training in Traditional Taekwondo,   and I ended up going with my school     to compete at tournaments around the state of Arkansas.      In junior high and high school,  I was extremely fortunate to play on a football team   that had winning records every year I played. In college,  our rugby team made the national tournament in 2014   and ended our season ranked #7 in the nation    in National Small College Rugby. But the thing I remember most vividly about all of it  is not really the games,   or the practices,    or even our biggest accomplishments.     The most vivid thing I know and remember      were the names and faces of my teammates. Because we were a team.  I was one of them,   and they are one of us.  To feel the cohesion and togetherness  brought on by a mutual goal   that we put our blood, sweat, an