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Sunday Homily - June 24th, 2018 - "Peace, be still."

Jesus Stilling the Storm by Rembrandt I. One of my favorite warning labels that I’ve ever seen was given to me in one of my chemistry classes when I was in high school. The label was on one of the beakers in the lab, and it said the following: “Warning: dangerous liquid contained within - DHMO. This substance is known to cause suffocation, is a major component in acid rain, and the gaseous form of this compound is known to cause severe burns.” Needless to say         I was quite curious as to what this substance was.         What was this substance that was so dangerous                that they were letting 9th graders play with it in a lab? Then, of course, comes the punchline: the substance in question was Dihydrogen Monoxide. Which, chemically, is another name for H2O. Water. Water is that dangerous substance          that burns your hand if put in front of a steam kettle.          It is component of acid rain, for obvious reaso